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Aloe Vera

Face Threatment with Aloe Vera

Enjoy 100% natural, plant-based cosmetics

You may wonder what makes our products so special. They contain no alcohol, citric acid, parabens, chemically treated water nor even traces of preservatives. These features ensure the success of PHARMOS NATUR GREEN LUXURY medicinal plant-based cosmetic products.


PHARMOS NATUR is  the only company in Europe which – instead of using water – employs 100% pure, completely skin-friendly organic aloe vera fresh plant juice from Central America. Selected plants are combined with this highly efficient base to produce unique cosmetics. Formed purely from medicinal plants, these contain the highest possible percentage of certified organic plant-based active ingredients. Truly unique.

Unlike water-based creams, purely natural aloe vera gel penetrates much deeper layers of the skin. With its extraordinary viscosity and texture, our fresh plant juice directs the rich active ingredients in plant oils into these lower skin layers, where cells receive extraordinary levels of moisture and nourishment to enrich the skin, as the more than 100 active ingredients in our aloe vera fresh plant juice and other essential elements are absorbed more deeply.

In all our creams and lotions, we leave the entire network of micro nutrients in its natural context, as this is the only way to preserve their natural interaction. Holistically. Just as nature intended.
The results are amazing: cosmetics based on natural active ingredients with a 100% plant-based repair complex. They promote the formation of new cells, contributing significantly to skin regeneration. Natural care, long-lasting protection and exceptional skin tolerance. Comprehensive skin care – even for sensitive skin.

Lasting effect with our unique Face Treatments:

-Intensive moisture/it is well suited for dry,dehydrated skin and is  perfect as after sun treatment   - 60 mins/69€

-Skin Balance,Deep Pore Cleansing/it is well suited for blemished and acne skin,skin in need for deep pore cleansing - 60 mins/69€

-Anti-Aging power Treatment/it is suitable for intensive wrinkle smoothing and tightening, new luminosity and radiance of the skin, regenerated after invasive intervention - 60 mins/69€

-Anti Stress Treatment/ it is sutable for sensitive,stress ,inflamed and tired skin- 60 mins/69€

-Detox Treatment /well suited for tissue cleansing,to support Detox programs,couperose and blemished skin- 60 mins/69€

-Bio Lifting  /well suited for skin in need of regeneration ,tired,sagging skin,premature aging- 60 mins/69€

-Anti-Aging /well suited for mature,dry and sun damaged skin - 60 mins/69€

-Man Only /well suited for every man- 60 mins/69€

-Eye Treatment/well suited for swollen,stressed eyes,mature skin,fine lines and wrinkles - 30 mins/30€

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