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 CooLifting-Face Treatment in Innsbruck

With CooLifting  She Beauty Culture offers you the opportunity for lasting skin rejuvenation.

The principle of CooLifting

We work with the CooLifting Beauty Gun, with which we radiate compressed carbon dioxide on the upper  skin layer. The gas has very low temperatures and thus creates a significant cold stimulus, which penetrates the tissue intensely.

The CO2 itself provides another effect: it penetrates the skin and allows blood and cells to absorb more oxygen.

 The aim of CooLifting treatment in Innsbruck:

Cold irritation, which penetrates deep into the tissue increased oxygen uptake into cells and blood of the region activation of microcirculation stimulation of collagen and elastin production with the result: firmer , younger , fresher appearance skin with visible effect after the first session at She Beauty Culture Innsbruck.

The procedure duration is  only five minutes, and you look up to ten years younger. Even deep wrinkles are affected by the smoothing of the skin, the actual lifting. We recommend up to eight treatments a month for outstanding results.

The price per procedure 90€

 CooLifting is non-invasive, patented method for activation of the skin achieve quickly visible results.

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