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Eyelash extensions

Extension of eyelashes is a semi-permanent procedure which gives you longer and beautiful eyelashes. The procedure is completely painless and is done hair by hair. This allows not only to lengthen the eyelashes, but also to give them extra volume. The eyelashes are made of natural silk which does not irritate and does not interfere with the recovery process of your own eyelashes. The glue that is used is hypoallergenic and has surgical strength. The durability of the eyelash extensions is around 2 months and be assured that you will keep them in swimming or exposure to rain and snow, as well as during makeup removal. You’ll enjoy your long and beautiful eyelash extensions even without the need to use makeup.


Eyelash extensions(one by one method)  130 €

Maintenance of eyelashes(one by one method) after round 3 weeks 65 €

Eyelash extensions -2D,3D, 4D,5D,6D  eyelashes extensions 160 €

Maintenance of 2D,3D,4D,5 D,6D eyelashes after round 3 weeks 80 €

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