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Permanent hair removal with S.I.M.P.L

The Technology of S.i.M.P.L is soft, safe and quick. See for yourself. Gently

In S.i.M.P.L there is a gradual increase in the risk of injury or burns. The gel is applied, the skin is cooled. Thus, treatment with S.i.M.P.L is gentle, painless and far more comfortable than laser treatment.
The medically certified device meets all safety standards and does not cause any side effects. Only patients who have a general sensitivity to light (due to illness or medication) are excluded from treatment.

Safe, Fast

The S.i.M.P.L device fulfills the highest quality requirements and is certified according to the Medical Devices Act 93/42 / EEC. The intelligent technology does not have to generate much heat, so the treatment is like a soothing massage. The efficacy of S.i.M.P.L has been demonstrated by clinical investigations. The secret of the technology is the real-time electronic metering of the light energy that provides a constant current light output. Result? A completely homogeneous and regulated pulse which allows all skin types and even to treat tanned skin in optimal safety. IPL WITH SLIP TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTION.

Thanks to the "in - motion - slip technology" to get results now: The hand piece glides over the skin, so you can reach all parts of the body, so it makes no treatment spots. The treatment is very quick, but loses no quality. Thanks to the water cooling and adjusting to the right skin type the treatment is completely painless and without side effects.

When S.i.M.P.L beauty professional, you are in good hands. The security levels guarantee a pleasant, safe treatment comfort.

Price List



Upper Lip 20 €

Chin 25 €

Cheeks 35 €

Neck 25 €

Side wiskers 30 €

Whole face 45 €


Decolete´ 35 €

Nipples 30 €

Armpits 35 €

Forearms 45 €

Upper arms 35 €

Whole arms 65 €

Abdomen 75 €

Abdominal line 35 €

Whole back 60 €

Cross 40 €

Bikini zone 35 €

Whole intim 75 €

Legs(Calf) 75 €

Legs(Thigh) 75 €

Whole legs 145 €

Whole body -20 % discount


Beard correction  30 €

Nack(behind) 30 €

Neck 30  €

Schoulders  35 €

Armpits  40 €

Forearms  50 €

Upper arms 40 €

Whole arms 80 €

Breasts 50 €

Abdomen 60 €

Whole back 95 €

Back(part) 60 €

Legs(Calf) 100 €

Legs(thigh) 100 €

Whole legs 180 €




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